Payment and scheduling policies:

Consistent attendance is a must for lessons to work for both student and teacher. It is also important to realize that, by signing up for lessons, you are purchasing a studio time that has been specifically set aside for you.  The following are the guidelines employed by the studio:


     wPayment for lessons is due on the 1st lesson of the month at the rate of $25 per 30  minute lesson

       ($37 for 45 min., $50 for 60 min.) -multiplied by the number of  weeks in the  

       month. Please pay for the entire month unless a major holiday falls on a lesson day (see

       holiday policy below). 

  wIf you must cancel a lesson for any reason, I will work with you to schedule a make up

     lesson (see make up lesson options below), provided I have at least 24 hour notice          

     before the cancelled lesson.  This 24 hour notice policy is very important, because it

     allows me to know of available times that other students may use for make up lessons. 

     If the student fails to make an attempt to reschedule the lesson, the lesson will be

     forfeited by the student, but payment is still required.

   wIf a lesson is simply missed without proper notice, that lesson will be forfeited, although  

     payment is still required.

     wFor those that miss payment on the 1st week of the month, I do have a pay pal account that

      can be used if you wish.  Just go to, click send money, and use my e-mail:

    wThe student is expected to practice at least a half an hour a day, 5 days a week (20 minutes

      for students 10 yr. old or younger).  More is better.


Make up lesson options:

     wIt may be possible to find a different time during the week of the cancelled lesson. Friday     

       nights and Saturday afternoons are usually available, if  we are unable to find a time during

       the work week.

     wYou may choose to keep the make-up lesson as a credit to use at a later time.  Sometimes the   

       easiest solution is to find an hour some week, to allow for the make-up time, as well as the

       student’s regular lesson time.  These longer lessons can be very productive, as it affords us more 

       time to work on technique, cover areas that are not part of the normal routine (ie: timpani, 4

       mallets, etc.), or just allows us more time to dig into the music.


Holiday schedule:

      wLessons that fall on New Year’s, Christmas, Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, and the Friday

       after Thanksgiving need not be paid for or rescheduled.

wI will likely be teaching during the following holiday’s; President’s day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Halloween, 4th of July, and Labor Day.  If you will be unable to attend a lesson on one of these days, I do not require payment, but I do require notification that you will not be attending.

wI will send out notices before each major holiday so as to inform you of the dates I will be teaching (ie: November and December).