General lesson info:

Private lessons are given on a weekly basis.  Students may sign up for 30 minute lessons ($25 per lesson), 45 minutes ($37) or 60 minutes ($50).  Lessons take place at Chinook Music in East Wenatchee,  generally between 2:30-8:30  Mon- Fri.


Lessons for the school percussionist:


Being a percussionist requires you to be proficient in a broad range of instruments.  Most school percussionists will start on snare drum, with the goal being to establish strong hand technique and reading fundamentals.  As the student progresses, we will soon add drum set and/or keyboard mallet instruments, depending on the student’s school requirements and personal preference.   In time, it is likely that we will begin to cover timpani, and even some Latin instruments (conga, etc.). 



Lessons focusing on drumset:


For those interested primarily in studying the drum set, I teach several different musical styles.  After some basic technique and coordination has been covered,  we can begin to focus on rock drumming, jazz, latin, afro-cuban, or a bit of everything.  I am a firm believer in the benefits of learning to read drum music,  and so reading will be a significant part of our lessons.  Similarly, snare drum technique will also be covered, because I believe it is a critical component in developing a well rounded drummer. 

Equipment List


Drum Sticks are the only necessary item for the 1st lesson. I will provide reading materials.  For snare drummers, we will eventually work from "The Rudimental Drummer's Cookbook" by Edward Freytag, but will use my own reading material for the 1st several lessons.