Drum Lessons in the Wenatchee Area!

   Chinook Music 199 Eastmont Ave.  East Wenatchee, WA


Learn to play drums/percussion in a friendly environment from an experienced musician and   

Get better in your school band - better in your rock band - better in your jazz band, or just   
decide to get better in general!

Over 25 years of experience as a professional drummer and teacher.

Many past students have had great success as percussionists, and have gone on to make
music an important part of their lives!





Plea to support local business such as Chinook Music:
   I have been extremely lucky to teach at Chinook for the past 25 years. When I first began teaching 30 years ago, common practice was that teachers would rent space from music stores. Steve- the owner of Chinook- convinced the owner of a previous music store that we both worked at to let teachers have the space for free, and the benefits would come from the additional foot traffic and purchases such as sticks, drumsets, cymbals, drum heads, etc. That unusual standard became the norm for the area, and it has been extremely helpful for me to be able to keep my prices down.
   In these extraordinary times when the box stores and Amazon are primed to take over the world, I would ask that you please consider supporting local business when possible. Thank you!